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    UX Designer living in Amsterdam, NL.


My Design Principles

Discovery & Collaboration

Discovery & Collaboration

I believe in the power of bringing people together, from multiple backgrounds and areas of expertise, so that we can all look at the same problem from different perspectives to create unique solutions.

Feedback & Critique

Feedback & Critique

No designer gets it right the first time, that's why no designer should work alone. I like sharing my work early and often so everyone in the team gets to know what I'm planning and feed me with new insights for making it better.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

As an advocate for feedback and critique, I also believe that a product is never finished, as well as our knowledge about the problem, the user and design is never complete. As long as there's a need, we should strive to keep on improving it.

Human-centered Solutions

Human-centered Solutions

Products are supposed to solve problems for people. There is no reason for creating software that doesn't have humans at the center of it. I will always be the one asking "What about the user needs?", "Does it solve our users' problem?".


Who Am I

A brief story of my career

I am in love with Design. Design in all its forms. I did half of the Graphic Design school and half of the Systems Analysis one, but most of what I know and the craft of my profession I learned because I was really into learning it.

I started my career at 16 as soon as I graduated from high school, as a Webmaster in a local technology company in the countryside, where I lived with my family.

So yeah, that said you can deduce my teenage life was very much about learning anything that had to do with this new thing called the internet.

When I turned 18, I was already anxiously waiting to sign a work contract with Dell Inc., as I went through the entire hiring process months earlier and couldn’t get in because of my age.

At Dell, I was part of the team that maintained content for the entire US platform, and later on, part of the team that migrated from this old model of content uploading to a more robust CMS, working with HTML, CSS, Javascript, and C#.

As I was now living in the “big city”, I joined users’ groups and events in the software development community, such as Agile Brazil, RS on Rails, FISL, and the UX Book Club.

During one of these events, I got to know some important people that changed my life, and that’s how I ended up leaving Dell and joining a Brazilian start-up called Engage, my first job where I was officially called a “UXer”.

At Engage, I worked on multiple projects where I could finally put into practice the lessons on Design I was studying, I would do some user research, interact with clients to understand their needs, sketch ideas and user journeys, create the final visuals and code the interface, and a lot more in the middle.

I left Engage almost two years later looking for an environment where I would be able to get deeper in learning some of the Design skills I thought were important to me, and this place turned out to be ThoughtWorks.

At ThoughtWorks, I had the opportunity to create even more solid knowledge not only on design but also on working in a collaborative and complex environment and on how to be an effective consultant.

I left because I was looking to obtain more knowledge in areas such as Data-Driven Design, Research, and Psychology, and I found Booking.com could help me learn more on these matters.

From working on Marketing products to B2B services and of course the customer-facing, B2C traveler platform, I’ve seen it all at Booking.com. At the moment I am a Senior Designer for the Design Operations team, working for the benefit of our designers and UX writers in all parts of the business and helping the company consolidate its design processes, tools, and methodologies.



Feedback from fellow peers

Barbara Wolff Dick

Head of Design / ThoughtWorks

Nat is a passionate designer. She constantly pushes herself - from leading strategic projects to making our work environment better for women. She is a strong UX designer, a bright technologist and a mindful advocate for equality in the workplace. I look forward working with her again.

Mario Areias

Software Developer / ThoughtWorks

I worked with Natalia in two different projects. She made an incredible impact in both of them. As a developer, it was terrific to work with her, she brings lots of knowledge regarding UX and front-end development. She also communicates pretty well and is capable to explain clearly why she took a decision and her train of thought. Also, she is open to feedback and is very customer-focused. I would recommend her in any project or environment where you need a competent UX Designer.

Ritwik Dey

Principal Designer / Amplify

Natalia is a good designer - methodical process, considered wireframes, thoughtful responses, structured arguments and diligent follow-ups. Trained in both graphic design and software development, she brings a wide spectrum of skills to the table. She is actively involved with the design community and constantly shares relevant findings with the rest of the team. Fantastic design asset. Highly recommended.

Mauricio Wolff

UX Designer / Dell Inc.

Natalia is a hard-working, creative professional that brings a lot to any table. Anyone who works with her can talk about her efficient and effective communication, creative thinking, problem solving skills and fine eye for detail. I would recommend her to anyone.

Diogo Biazus

Co-founder & Developer / Engage

Natalia is one of the greatest webdesigners I know. Full of drive, geekiness, and always eager to learn new things. She has a well balanced set of interpersonal, design and code skills. Moreover it's a pleasure to share the same work environment with her.


Random facts about me

I love Design, I see design everywhere and I want to improve all the bad usability in the world, but hey, I do have a life. Here are three other things I like, can you guess what it is?