Refer a Friend

The Refer a Friend is a Marketing product that aims to foster the travellers’ community by giving them a reward for sharing with their friends.

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Rate Intelligence

Rate intelligence is a BookingSuite product that helps Rate Managers optimize the pricing strategy for their properties and make quick decisions on which rates to offer.

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Amsterdam Quiz

A fun quiz for users booking a trip to Amsterdam, that way they could test their knowledge about the city they were travelling to, as well as share their results, which was good for product awareness.

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Amplify Tablet

The idea of Amplify is to reimagine the way teachers teach and students learn. Together with my team in Porto Alegre (Brazil) and NYC (US), I created parts of the teacher and student experiences in an Android in-class platform.

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Hôpital Universitaire de Mirebalais

After the 2010 earthquake devastated a lot of Haiti’s healthcare system, I was chosen to lead the design of a sophisticated Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system for the newest and biggest University Hospital in Haiti, in the city of Mirebalais.

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When ThoughtWorks decided to do something to help the free Internet movement, I was selected to help tackle the problem of secure email communication and make sure regular users would understand and benefit from encrypted email.

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Festival de Ideias

Festival de Ideias used to be an online platform to collaborate on ideas that are worth it. The platform was similar to GitHub, where people could collaborate, see changelogs, clone and branch ideas. We also held face to face co-creations, as well as a huge event at the end of the year.

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